Helen Grant

Helen Grant's main focus is Title IX compliance, as well as Athletics' Gender Equity and Diversity planning. She has a diverse background in intercollegiate athletics, having started her athletic career at the University of Southern Mississippi where she coached for eleven years before serving nine years as an Assistant or Associate Athletic Director. She served two years in the Membership Services department at the NCAA where she worked directly with the Division I Athletics Certification Program and NCAA Title IX Workshops Planning Committee. Grant worked two years as the Compliance Coordinator and three years as the Director of Championships for the Sun Belt Conference.

She has been a member of the NCAA Division I Management Council, Membership Subcommittee, Legislative Review Subcommittee, Administrative Review Subcommittee, and the NCAA Postgraduate Awards Committee. Grant spent three years working with Lamar Daniel in conducting campus Title IX and Gender Equity reviews for various universities. In 2009 Lamar retired from Title IX consulting. Helen has continued his business by purchasing Lamar Daniel, Inc. and creating Helen Grant Consulting, LLC. She has continued to conduct Title IX reviews for various junior colleges and four-year universities at all levels of the NCAA membership. She has also conducted several Title IX workshops for NCAA Division I conferences.

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